Colorado Department of Revenue, Liquor and Tobacco Enforcement Division.


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20-01 Master Files Application and Additional Locations forms 20-02 Lawful Product Returns for Event Cancellations Attributable to COVID-19 Concerns 20-03 Guidance Regarding LED Response to COVID-19 20-04 Updated Guidance Regarding LED Response to COVID-19
20-05 One Time Pick-Up "90-Day" Return of Malt and Fermented Malt Beverages 20-06 Updated Guidance Regarding LED Response to "Safer at Home" Orders 20-07 Emergency Regulations 47-302 (F) COVID-19 Temporary Modification of On-Premises Licenses & 47-1102 Compliance with Public Health Orders & Executive Orders Issued During Disaster Emergencies 20-08 Temporary Modification Due to COVID-19 Direct Filing with State Licensing Authority
20-09 Executive Order No. 20-093, Temporary Modification-Communal Outdoor Dining Areas & Public Consumption 20-10 Independence Day & Executive Order Guidance & Safety Measures 20-11 Regulation 47-1002 Temporary Relief; and Wholesaler Guidance for Retailer License Expiration 20-12 Clarification on Executive Order D 2020-142 & Prohibition of Service & Consumption of Alcohol Beverages in Motor Vehicles
20-13 LED Guidance on Domonstrating Compliance with Executive Order D 2020-142 20-14 LED Guidance on Executive Order D 2020 144 20-15 Further Guidance on Executive Order D 2020 144 & Prohibition of "Token" or "Ticket" redemption after 10:00 p.m. 20-16 LED Guidance on Executive Order D 2020 170
20-17 Supplier Sampling and Tour Procedures 20-18 Colorado Digital ID Resources Available for Trainers 20-19 Guidance on Executive Order D 2020-199 20-20 Tobacco Licensing Due to HB 20-1001
20-21 Guidance for Retail Liquor Store and Liquor Licensed Drugstore Tastings      


19-01 Invoicing for Trade Shows and Other Events Sponsored by Suppliers 19-02 Temporary Displays - Modification Approval 19-03 Sidewalk Service Area - Modification of Premises 19-04 Guidance from the Department of Revenue
19-05 Classification of "Hard Seltzers," "Hard Sodas," "Spiked Seltzers," and Similar Products 19-06 Tax Check Authorization, Waiver and Request to Release Information form 19-07 Executive Order Implementing Digital Personal Identification Technology 19-08 Fermented Malt Beverage Retailers-Products Labelled as "Malt Liquors"


18-01 Fee Changes 18-02 Update to Fee Changes 18-03 Update to the Colorado Liquor Rules
18-04 Senate Bill 18-067 - Auctions by Organizations that Qualify for Special Event Permits 18-05 Private Alcohol Events - Compliance 18-06 Recodification of the Liquor and Tobacco Statutes
18-07 Immediate Statutory Changes Pursuant to SB 18-243 18-08 Senate Bill 16-197 - Questions Regarding Transition to Full Strength Beer 18-09 Colorado Applicant Background Services (CABS) Program
18-10 Use of Third Party Companies for Invoicing of Liquor-Licensed Drugstores 18-11 Senate Bill 16-197 - Questions Regarding Transition to Full Strength Beer 18-12 Termination and Reinstatement of Rulemaking Proceedings
18-13 Emergency Rules - Regulations 47-009 and 47-010 18-14 Guidance to Emergency Rules - Regulations 47-009 and 47-010 18-15 Additional Guidance for New Laws and Rules


17-01 Business Practice Guidance for Additional Retail Liquor Store Licenses Issued Under ยง12-47-407(4)(b)(III), C.R.S. 17-02 Importer and Wholesaler Relationships - for Vinous and Spiritous Liquors 17-03 Special Event Permits Issued on a Liquor Licensed Premises 17-04 Fees for Art Gallery and Bed & Breakfast Permits
17-05 Alcohol Ordering and Delivery Services 17-06 Regulation 47-305, Transfers-Wholesaler Confirmation 17-07 Regulation 47-924, Importation and Sole Source of Supply/Brand Registration


16-01 Barrels Provided to Retailers 16-02 Damaged Product Returns 16-03 Improper Sales of Fermented Malt Beverages 16-04 Valid Temporary Driver's Licenses
16-05 SB 16-197 - Laws Effective July 1, 2016
16-06 Enforcement of SB16-197 - Retail Liquor Stores and Tavern Licenses
16-07 HB16-1439 - New Lodging & Entertainment Liquor License
16-08 Donated Alcohol for Non-profit/Charitable Events - Updated


15-01 Replacement or Return of Out of Code Malt Liquor Products 15-02 Donated Alcohol for Non-profit/Charitable Events 15-03 Wholesale License for Wine/Spirit Manufacturers
15-04 Homebrew Use and Limitations 15-05 Electronic Benefits Transfer Cards 15-06 Allowed Items Sold at a Retail Liquor Store


14-01 Entertainment Districts and Hours of Operation 14-02 Manufacturer Salesroom Guide