CR Serials. Colorado Department of Corrections

CR1.1/INTERNET Annual report
CR1.9/INTERNET Budget request
CR1.11/INTERNET Statistical report (Colorado. Department of Corrections : Online)
CR1.12/INTERNET Sexually violent predators annual report
CR1.25/INTERNET Annual report concerning the status of private contract prisons
CR1.26/INTERNET SB 11-176 annual report, administrative segregation for Colorado inmates
CR1.27/INTERNET Strategic plan
CR1.28/INTERNET Correctional officer staffing levels annual report.
CR1.28/INTERNET Annual report, corrections officer staffing levels
CR1.29/INTERNET Annual report demonstrating compliance with the provisions of H.B. 06S-1023: verification of lawful presence required for public benefits
CR1.30/INTERNET Department of Corrections annual performance report.
CR1.31/INTERNET Performance plan.
CR1.32/INTERNET Cost per offender by facility.
CR1.33/INTERNET HB 14-1355 annual report: Department re-entry initiatives for FY
CR1.34/INTERNET SB 15-124 ... annual report: responses to technical violations of parole
CR1.35/INTERNET Q ... FY ... performance evaluation.
CR1/10.10/INTERNET Colorado Board of Parole annual report to the Joint Judiciary Committee
CR1/10.11/INTERNET Colorado Board of Parole annual report to the Joint Budget Committee
CR1/100.11/INTERNET Monthly population and capacity report
CR1/100.12/INTERNET Admissions and release trends
CR1/100.13/INTERNET Foreign born and I.C.E. detainer incarcerated population
CR1/100.14/INTERNET Offenders serving life sentences
CR1/100.15/INTERNET State Criminal Alien Assistance Program
CR1/100.16/INTERNET Youthful Offender System
CR1/100.17/INTERNET Parole Board hearings and decisions
CR1/100.18/INTERNET Comparison of prison population projections as issued by Division of Criminal Justice and Legislative Council
CR1/100.19/INTERNET Recidivism and cumulative return rates, calendar years from ... through ...
CR1/100.20/INTERNET Colorado Department of Corrections incident and escape report, calendar years...
CR1/100.21/INTERNET Psychotropic medication program for community based offenders with mental illness
CR1/100.22/INTERNET Accelerated Transition Pilot Program
CR1/100.23/INTERNET Colorado correctional alternative program
CR1/100.24/INTERNET Colorado Department of Corrections dashboard measures
CR1/100.25/INTERNET Overview of educational and vocational programs.
CR1/100.25/INTERNET Overview of educational and career and technical education report.
CR1/100.26/INTERNET Offenders with mental illness in Centennial Correctional Facility residential treatment program
CR1/100.27/INTERNET HB 18-1040 annual report, incentives for mental health professionals.
CR1/100.28/INTERNET SB 16-180 status report, Juvenile Re-integration Program
CR1/100.30/INTERNET Birth occurence and use of restraint on pregnant inmates annual report.
CR1/110.12/INTERNET Presumptive parole, FY .... report
CR4.10/INTERNET Annual report / Colorado Correctional Industries.
CR4.11/INTERNET Fees imposed pursuant to the production and distribution of license plates, decals and tabs produced by Colorado Correctional Industries.
CR6.1/INTERNET Annual report (Youthful Offender System)
CR6.10/INTERNET SB13-216 Concerning Youthful Offenders within the State Department of Corrections.
CR7/5.1/INTERNET Overview of substance abuse treatment services